Williamsons Music Studios was established in 1997 setup to cater for the needs of the more serious musician. Established by guitarist/composer Alan Williamson who’s three albums set rise to the new increase in experimental guitar/music. Alan’s motto is simple “We only provide quality detailed lesson.

02014-05-17-19-58The United Kingdom’s hidden gem, Alan Williamson, has devoted his life and career as a musician. After picking up the guitar at age 11, his road to become an instrumental phenomenon was first inspired by his fathers love for the musical group The Shadows. From that time forward Alan has furthered his playing ability and musical knowledge while being influenced by some of yesterday and today’s great rock musicians.

Alan has been playing, performing and recording as a musician for over 18 years. His music is best described as symphonic/progressive instrumental rock; which combines a multitude of elements that pulls from various styles of modern and classical music. Alan best states his musical direction, “I want to have a slight change to the many styles that are around at the moment. There are many great players in the limelight but not many of them seem to be able to write a good background for a song or piece. This is where I wanted to fill that gap and to be original and sometimes unorthodox, to constantly use my imagination and to use everyday topics and subjects to fulfill my musical desires. These are the main ingredients for becoming a good songwriter or musician.”

As a guitar and bass teacher, Alan’s teaching and philosophy of the instrument is second to none and after 14 years of teaching hundreds of students he has attained an incredible CV of quality music awards and is educated to a very high standard. Alan’s incredible diversity of musical styles has to be heard to be believed and his knowledge of the instrument would quite easily surpass many other guitar teachers. As you will see Alan is a recording artist and has released three albums demonstrating his amazing technical prowess of the instrument and his amazing composition. WILLIAMSONS MUSIC STUDIOS EXPECTS QUALITY STUDENTS TO TEACH NOT QUANTITY!

Alan is highly trained in electric, classical, acoustic and bass guitar styles and is set to take monumental steps forward on his latest recorded works. Alan’s goal is to incorporate thematic overtones that will draw the listener into the musical landscape of each new song. Creating these vivid musical journeys, Alan lays out his work, as if on a canvas, where he can paint his musical portrait for all to hear and visualize these thematic landscapes.

Alan’s career achievement highlights includes joining the staff at the online music magazine, Hardrock Haven www.hardrockhaven.net , as a contributing writer for guitar lessons in 2003. And has is also a guest columnist for the guitar web sites Music Virtuosity, Chops From Hell . Alan is also producing several guitar teaching videos and CD-ROM’s for CFH which will be sold worldwide. Alan achieved qualifications in the music business and as a recording engineer. He teaches students privately at Schools, Seminars & Workshops and at his own Williamson’s Music Studios, UK and gives lectures on music. Alan has endorsement deals with (Roland, Boss, Parker Guitars, Washburn Guitars, US Music Corp, Elixir Guitar Strings, Lava Guitar Cables and Line 6). He owns and runs his own recording studio “Another Kind Of World Studios” U.K, owns his own record company “Silhouette Records LTD” and is in the process of setting up another company “Digital Audio Ventures” composing music for TV, Media and relaxation CD’s for various companies. As a member of the Musicians Union he offers the best in tuition, session playing and performing. In 2001 Alan was voted one of the best newcomers in the Dutch progressive rock magazine, DPR. He has had numerous live interviews on radio stations around the world, print interviews and outstanding reviews of his latest release “Across Angry Skies”. His music is on sale with online and digital shops around the world and is also available to hire as a session guitarist, producer and composer.

Over the course of his career he has recorded several promotional CDs highlighting his unique electric and acoustic guitar style. Each release features the exploratory and experimental nature that can best described as the visionary work of Alan Williamson. On his most recent works “Another Kind of World” and “Acoustical Horizons” we are treated to diverse musical textures as Alan incorporates the ambient sounds of keyboards and layered guitars and beautiful acoustic melodies. His latest CD release, titled “Across Angry Skies”,” is set again to raise the bar for this most talented musician. For more information please visit the official Alan Williamson web site and catch Alan playing on YouTube.